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  • Now here’s a much easier way for that Introducing It’s revolutionary and space saving. Its double chamber design is special. 
  • Outer chambers freeze the ice cubes while inner cylinder stores them. 
  • The Ice-Cube Maker can hold up to 3 batches of ice cubes or 120 cubes in total. 
  • Amazing Simply fill and chill. Fill the outer chamber with water then lift up the inner cylinder and squeeze out the cubes into the bucket and their ready to use. 
  • Material: Silicone and Polypropylene 
  • Size: 13 x 13 x 14. 5 cm. 
  • Color : Blue. 1-Pack 
  • Features: 1. Quickly freeze bottled beverages. Keep your red wine cool without dilution. 2. The perfect round area is much smaller than the traditional ice machine. 3. Leaving a lot of space in the refrigerator. Use air tight lid to keep the cube fresh and odorless. 4. Ice frozen outside space. The internal cylinders store them. 5. Unique dual-chamber design, can accommodate 120 ice cubes. 6. Easy to use 7. Portable, with a lid and non-slip bucket, easy to carry. 8. Suitable for many places and drinks, suitable for families, houses, bars, cafes, hotels, restaurants, parties, buffets and so on. 
  • Provides quick-frozen bottled beverages such as whiskey re-cooling, cocktails, and drinks. 
  • Tip: Before use, wash with water and then disinfect it in hot water. Then add purified water to the ice tray, put it in the refrigerator, remove it when needed, and put it in the drink. After use, it should be cleaned and stored in a place that is clean and dry and away from direct sunlight.

PORTABLE: The space saving size is perfect for outdoor and indoor use. You can take it on a camp trip or a pinic to enjoy your cold drinks. It could add lot of joy for your camp trip or pinic.
DOUBLE CHAMBER SIGN: The out chamber freezes the ice cubes while the inner chamber holds them. Itâ€s quite convenient.
EASY TO USE AND CLEAN: Add water to edge of the ice bucket and let it drip down along the edge , press down on the bucket to drain the bottom water ,then put the lid on and put it into the refrigerator wait for several hours. Every thing is done. If you need more ice cubes, just refill and freeze again for another batch of ice cubes. Plus, it has a dishwasher friendly sign, you can clean it at ease.
PERFECT for COCKTAILS: Use them for your cocktail, popsicles, iced coffee, juice and other drinks. It also can be used for indoor refrigerator, vehicle refrigerator and outdoor mini refrigerator. Provis longer cooling for whiskey, cocktails, wine and bottled beverages like coke, etc.If you have any problems in the process of using silicone ice bucket, please contact us in time, we will be happy to help you!

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