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While growing up in a farming community was adventurous, it provided few opportunities for a sixteen-year-old boy diagnosed with muscular dystrophy. Weather the Storm is an inspirational and entertaining story of how one man fought through an incurable, debilitating disease to overcome unique challenges, raise a family, live a life of faith, and build a real estate empire.

Life is hard – for everyone. To varying degrees, all people experience the storms of life. At a critical time in his life, Martin faced a crossroad of opposite directions. Would he despair, pack his bags, and give up? Or, would he find a way forward? With his faith in God, he was guided to heights he never could have imagined in the midst of the storm. Throughout his journey, you will see how the tried and true, age-old attributes of perseverance, faith, and hard work are the keys to happiness and success.

I laughed, cried, and admired. I read the entire book in one sitting and thoroughly enjoyed all of it!
-Peter C.

I could not put it down. I would have to say, I read it faster than I have any book in a long time.
-Robin G.

Others are describing Weather the Storm as:
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