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About The Author
The author is a renowned ayurvedic physician rendering medical services with pure Ayurvedic medicines for 22 years.
Awarded the Lord Dhanvanthari award for her services, she also runs a de-addiction centre.
She is a treasured ayurvedic doctor who has successfully treated dignitaries and artists from all over the world.
A post-graduate in English literature she stands for expression of every human emotion.
An entrepreneur in real sense and owner of Spandana Panchakarma Centre.
Crowned Mrs Intellectual at Mrs India 2019.
She believes life is all about giving back to the universe.

About The Book
The thought of this book arose at my OPD when the patient presented with more anxiety about very obvious diseases. The agony or mental trauma is intolerable for many because they are in the dark about the basic guidelines to be followed.
I have deliberately avoided complex medical words or elaborate subtypes and included very much required aspect only. I would like everybody to use this idea to solve day to day problems instead of getting anxious and seeking medical help at the drop of a hat.
In every chapter of this book, I have tried to mention the practical aspects of treatment in common ailments.
This book does not claim of curing every disease but preventing them from recurring to a large extent.
I have only mentioned ayurvedic drugs which are easily available at arm’s length.
Illnesses I have insisted about lifestyle changes require it as a cliché. I intend to express the importance of nutritious, medicinal food and exercise in day to day life without which any medicine is futile.
This book is not intended to explain every disease or their subcategories in detail but give readers only causes, symptoms which they can relate to.
Every person needs to understand the larger picture of a disease for proper management.
The person needs to delete the anxiety related to the disease, think logically and take action practically.

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