Price: ₹ 700.00 - ₹ 285.00
(as of Jan 11,2021 21:33:45 UTC – Details)

NPK FERTILIZER: COMPONENTS : There are numerous building blocks of life that plants need for healthy and optimum growth. Without these nutrients, plants cannot grow to their full potential, will provide lower yields, and be more susceptible to disease. The three most important nutrients, without any one of which plants could not survive, are referred to as the primary macronutrients: Nitrogen (N), Phosphorus (P), and Potassium (K). Soils often lack these nutrients, either naturally, or as a result of over cultivation or other environmental factors. In cases where soils are lacking, nutrients must be put back into the soil to create the ideal environment for optimal plant growth. Each of the primary nutrients is essential in plant nutrition, serving a critical role in the development, and reproduction of the plant. NITROGEN (N) THE ROLE OF NITROGEN IN PLANTS Nitrogen is a key component in many of the processes needed to carry out. In particular, nitrogen is vital to chlorophyll, which allows plants to carry out photosynthesis (the process by which they take in sunlight to produce sugars from carbon dioxide and water). Nitrogen is also a significant component in amino acids, the basis of proteins. PHOSPHORUS (P) : Phosphorus also plays a role in an array of functions necessary for healthy plant growth, contributing to structural strength, crop, seed production, and more. Phosphorus also encourages the growth of roots, blooming, and is essential in DNA. The transformation of solar energy into usable compounds is also largely possible because of phosphorus. POTASSIUM (K) : Potassium is also vital in a variety of other processes that contribute to growth.

Instant uptake of nutrients by the plants resulting in significant and quick improvement in crop will be seen. Through this application, nutrient uptake efficiency will be enhanced as losses due to leaching volatilization will be minimized. Since N, P and K are specially structured and designed, this will give an excellent growth in all the stages of crop namely seedling stage, vegetative stage, reproductive stage and ripening stage. The nutrients are textured and cohesively balanced.
Hence, this will give better result and excellent yield in all crops like fruits, vegetables, flowers, field crops, foliage crops etc. All horticultural crops will give awesome results. Since pesticides and fungicides are very compatible with this product, all pesticides and fungicides can be mixed when applying NPK. Labour expenses will be minimized when compared with conventional fertilizer application.
Nitrogen (N) 19 , Phosphorus (P) 19 , Potassium (K) 19.

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