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“Athletes can’t be vegan!” “If you want to build muscle you NEED animal protein!” “Our bodies are made to eat meat!”.

Sounds familiar? If you too have heard this kind of thing so much that you ended up thinking that there may be some truth in it, well you may want to keep reading this…

If you are an athlete considering to switch to a plant based diet, or a vegan willing to bring your workout to a higher level, it is not unlikely that people around you have tried to convince you that keeping the two things together is just impossible.

Let’s be clear, they are mostly well intended. They may be your friends, your family, your gym buddies, telling you what they think it’s best for you. It’s just that they usually don’t know anything about it, they are just going with the hearsay. And “common knowledge” does not always mean correct information.

The problem is that, in a meat-based culture like the one we are living in, friends and family are often our main source of information, so we can easily end up thinking that what they say is right, maybe just because they are all saying the same thing.

Well, it is not. Not at all.

There is plenty of vegan athletes and bodybuilders, even professionals, that can prove these theories wrong. Being a vegan and an athlete IT IS possible. Even in sports that require huge muscle growth like bodybuilding or weightlifting.

Does this mean that being a vegan athlete is easy? Of course not.

Developing muscle or going through intense workouts is not as easy on a vegan regime as it is for meat-eaters. It is, in fact, a little more challenging. More healthy, more ethical, but more challenging too.

You can’t just “count your macros” and hit the gym, you have to be aware of what you put into your body, you have to consider your supplementation (yes, vegan supplementation it’s a thing) and so on, but…

But let’s be honest: being a committed athlete is challenging, being a vegan is challenging too. If you would be afraid of the challenge of that extra mile that is putting together the two things you wouldn’t be reading this, now.

So yes, if you like it the easy way, this is not for you.

But if you like to push your ethics and attention to health as much as you like to push your body, this is your book.

The Vegan Athlete Cookbook collects the three books of Scott Nardella:

Vegan Cookbook for Athletes

The Vegan Bodybuilder

The Vegan Bodybuilders Cookbook

Here you’ll discover:

  • The 5 vegan food groups for a balanced sporting diet
  • The Top Ten vegan energy boosting foods
  • The one food you can replace rice with (and increase your protein intake up to 97%)
  • Why balancing macros are not “the only thing that counts” when it comes to boosting your performance
  • The 8 benefits of a vegan diet for athletes (spoiler: not all 8 are just about the performance)
  • The only supplement  you definitely need (no, it is not protein)
  • Supplementation you should consider according to your workout schedule (yes, vegan supplementation it’s a thing)
  • 18 prompt action foods to prevent and overcome the 2 more common athlete’s issues
  • The 7 main types of vegan diet (and no, not all of them are healthy)
  • Risks of veganism and how to minimize them
  • 14 snacks to control hunger and keep training at your best
  • 19+1 myths on veganism
  • 7 Myths and Facts on vegan athlete protein
  • The 3 steps process to count your macros (and the 3 steps process to find what macros you need)
  • The 4 types of macro diets
  • Pre-workout and post-workout vegan meals
  • PLUS

A 4 week vegan meal plan 

And 141 high protein easy and delicious recipes to boost your energy, increase your performance, and not getting bored by just eating rice and beans every day.

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