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Stop using synthetic fertilizers and switch to composted manure, a gardener’s friend.
1. Why should you use Matsani- Cow Dung Compost Manure

    1. 100% Natural and Organic fertilizer.
    2. It is nutrient rich.
    3. It serves as an excellent medium for growing plants.
    4. It contains Beneficial Bacteria that helps soil fertility and boost plant growth.
    5. Improves the overall health of the soil.
    FOR POTTED PLANTS- Before planting, Mix 1 Part Matsani with 4 parts of soil.
    Matsani can also be added as a manure to existing potted plants. Add about 200 gm of Matsani above the soil.
    FOR HOME GARDENS- Use Matsani as a manure. Add 100 to 300 gm for each plant, depending on the size of the plant. Make sure that water drains well when you are using cow dung compost/manure.

Matsani is enriched with gau-mutra. This compost fertilizer is from desi cow dung, which is then naturally processed
Nutrient rich- the nutrients present in matsani make the soil fertile which boosts the growth of plants
Makes your soil fertile- matsani gives a nutrient rich environment for all your plants by ensuring that the soil is fertile
Soil conditioner- a soil conditioners repairs damaged soil and helps maintain the soil

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