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The King of Hell wants people dead at midnight, who can keep you alive at night?

Zhang Xiaofan: I can! The King of Hell still owes me 300 billion contribution points!

Zhang Xiaofan, who was originally an ordinary youngster in the countryside, had unintentionally joined the circle of friends filled with deities. This made him feel that the world had become extremely open.

When he was free, he would chat about life with Taibai Jinxing.

When he was bored, he would find Wu Kong and fight against the landlord.

When things were difficult, he made a deal with Old Lord Taishang.

Did you use up the Queen Mother's lipstick? Ten Peaches of Immortality for no less.

Old Lord Taishang wants to smoke the Red Pagoda Mountain? Ten Nine Reincarnation Soul Pill, no credit at all.

Nezha wants to drink too much? Windfire Wheel will borrow this grandpa's hand to play with it.

Chang'e wants to wear new clothes? Aiya, this is not easy to deal with!

Let me go over there myself and measure the data.

King Qinguang wanted a luxurious car? Wait, why did the people from the Underworld also join in the fun?

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