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Everyone must have seen the determined marching of tiny soldiers, moving around the house at least once in your time. They come out of the least suspecting areas, in search of crumbs and other goodies. Yes! We are indeed talking about ants. Our herbal ant repellent is a 100 percent organic spray is made from natural oils and herbal extracts and is an effective repellent against ants. It is safe, non toxic. A continuous spray of our herbal ant repellent spray for 5 days in the infected areas will repel ants for 4-6 months.

Apply spray liberally at places where ants roam and also at the source from where they come out or spray directly at ant’s nests.
It is ideal to use this spray at night before you go to sleep. Spray once a day for 5 days till they completely disappear.
This repellent is present in easy to use 100ml spray bottle.
After the 5 day routine, use the spray once a week as a maintenance dose. It will eliminate ants for 4-6 months. This is a repellent, and will not kill ants, instead it is a more permanent and cruelty-free solution.

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