Spikezone Steel and Polycarbonate Bird Control Spikes Solution – Pack of 11 Rft/10 Pcs (White)


Price: ₹ 800.00 - ₹ 218.00
(as of Jun 30,2020 16:56:49 UTC – Details)

This is a new product pf 10 pcs pack (length 13 inch, 4 Row bird spikes) of bird spikes with polycarbonate base for bird and pigeon. Bird spikes are renowned for their versatility, durability, and ease of installation, making them one of the fine anti-roosting products available in the India. Another benefit of the bird spike is that it is completely humane and non-lethal. It simply moves the pigeons and other birds on without hurting them. Bird spike protects broad and narrow ledges also. This super-tough spike has been tried and tested on heavily infested ledges at depths of up to 4 inches with amazing results. It is effective against even the heaviest pigeon infestation. These anti-bird pigeon spike is made from super tough UV stabilized polycarbonate, protecting it from the sun’s rays.

Package Contents:1 Set of Product
HELPS MAINTAINING HEALTH and HYGIENE – Pigeon poop is proven to transmit over 60 diseases, few of which are fatal.
MAINTENANCE FREE – No post installation expenses. Virtually no maintenance is required.
COST SAVING – Due to bird droppings, cleaning cycle has to be repeated at short interval and thus the cost of maintenance and housekeeping increases.
WEATHER PROOF – Can withstand extreme temperatures -20 degrees centigrade to + 100 degree centigrade.


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