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Simple Techniques That Will Make You Faster! It’s not how fast your run — It’s how you run fast.

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Runners, no matter what age, what career path, or what motivation, all typically want the same thing. To improve themselves. Whether it is in terms of improving endurance, distance, time or just whole body health, if you are a runner you are looking to improve. Running isn’t just end game oriented, if you are a true runner, you are in it for the journey as well. So, the question then becomes, how do you improve the journey and maybe even get to the destination just a little bit faster. Well, this book is designed to teach and train you on how to do just that.

Whether you are a cross-country runner, a sprinter, or a track star eventually training up for the Olympics, something about your technique and your time could probably use a bit of tweaking. For instance, is your posture correct, is your starting stance the best for the maximum acceleration? If you have any doubts, than take a break and give this guide a gander. This ebook provides techniques and tricks that total into a comprehensive strategy guide to helping you run faster, longer and further than you ever have before.

If you are looking for exercises to help improve leg explosiveness and shave off a few seconds or even minutes to your run time, this is the book for you. If you feel yourself getting winded three-fourths of the way into your jog, than this book is for you. If you have been experiencing cramps and calve stiffness, than this book is for you. This book provides all of the advice you’ll need for improving your running technique from pre-run preparation, to the run itself, to post-run cool down. This guide will provide you with diet advice, meal plans, exercises, warm ups, cool-downs, stretches and everything in between.

So, no matter what your goal or game is, no matter your age or experience, this book has something to offer you. Before your next run, sit back and crack this book open in order to pick up a few new things. If you read this book cover to cover, you are guaranteed to learn a thing or two that’ll improve your run more than ever. Now, with that said, lace up your running shoes, open your book and prepare to run the fastest, longest, farthest, hardest and absolutely the best race of your life.

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