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Do you want to run faster but you feel that you don’t have the genetics to be a great runner?

Are you a beginner who’s looking for a running guide to help you run faster and run less?
If you are looking for exercises to help improve leg explosiveness and shave off a few seconds or even minutes to your run time, this is the book for you. If you feel yourself getting winded three-fourths of the way into your jog, than this book is for you. If you have been experiencing cramps and calve stiffness, than this book is for you. This book provides all of the advice you’ll need for improving your running technique from pre-run preparation, to the run itself, to post-run cool down. This guide will provide you with diet advice, meal plans, exercises, warm ups, cool-downs, stretches and everything in between.

In this book you’ll get useful advice on:

• The best ways to prevent injuries to your body.

• The step by step stretches you need to know, to warm up before your run.

• The liquids to have and avoid to remarkable performance.

• What kind of recommended supplements to get an upper edge in your game

• The best ways to do strength training.

• The top running shoe injuries.

• How to relieve tightness in certain parts of the body for better performance.

• The top mistakes you could be doing without knowing.

• How to prepare for your run

• The truth about running techniques

• Running schedules for all running levels (beginners, intermediate, advanced) so that you can apply all these new tips contained in this one guide as you get better in the 5k race.

•Step-by-step running exercises explained in detail.

• The effective treatment methods for injuries.

• The best window of time to refuel your body.

• Effective gym exercises to create speed.

• What is the optimal diet to feed your body for energy
 And much more!

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