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Product Description

A cloth diaper reduces waste, saves money and gives you control over what touches your baby skin, therefore keeping these requirements in view a new product “PAW PAW” from the house of Quick Dry has been launched. Paw Paw is an advanced biodegradable cloth diaper made with chemical free diaper. Our product can withstand atleast a 100 washes and therefore reduces the use of that many number of disposable diapers and thus acts as a super economical and pocket friendly. Additional to all the qualities we promote GO GREEN through this product as it is a bio-degradable cloth diaper and not the diapers which are disposed off after every use. You too would be doing your part to give a cleaner environment to your kid.

Made with Unique Rapisoak Technology

Give your baby the comfort they need with Paw Paw reusable cloth diaper which is made with Unique Rapisoak Technology that will instantly soak baby’s urine with the help of better absorbent pad and won’t give them the feeling of wetness.

Convenient Reusable Insert pad

– The inner pad is made of multi layered fabric with a unique patented technology.

– Max fluid retention capacity upto 80-100 ml.

– The fluid is absorbed faster compared to other products.

– The inner layers of the pad absorbs all the fluid and makes the outer surface completely dry in no time. Therefore the baby does not have the wet feeling.

How to Use

– Place the diaper back half under baby’s body.

– Fasten the diaper at both ends with buttons.

– Adjust the cuff around the legs on both sides

Chemical free cloth diapers for your lil one

Reusable cloth diapers are free from chemicals and will not harm your baby’s health in anyway but will give them comfort all day as well as night. The pad of the diaper withstands for only 3-4 hours.

Economical Resuable Diapers

Instead of buying packets of diapers everyday use these washable diapers which can be washed and used several times hence cutting down your diaper expense.

BREATHABLE AND WATERPROOF: Washable & Reusable; Waterproof Diaper that easily lasts 2-3 hours for an average wetting babies.
ADORABLE DESIGN : It comes with 13 different color cloth diaper. This is probably the cutest design set online. Your baby will very happy with our cute and beautiful diapers
SAVE MONEY AND THE ENVIRONMENT : Reusable Cloth Diapers are budget friendly and environmentally conscious
Soft, Comfortable & Chemical Free

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