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A remedial blend of microbes, which degrades all kinds of organic kitchen and garden waste and converts these into valuable compost which can further restore health of indoor plants, gardens and lawns.Thus “soilmate” is a true friend of soil . Its unique formulation not only hastens the composting process but also ensures maximum odour control. It can be used in all kinds of composting equipments like composting pits, aerated bins, vertical & horizontal tumblers / semi-automatic & automatic composting machines etc.
Soilmate is your go-to solution for all types of composting processes.
Why use Soilmate?

      a) Soilmate not only accelerates the composting process but also ensures maximumodour control in the compost pile
      b) Owing to the heterogeneity of microbes in Soilmate, it can effectively degrade all kinds of organic kitchen and garden wastes

Used for: Composting kitchen waste and garden waste

Ingredients: Cultures of microbes which can be used for anaerobic and aerobic composting processes. These speedup the rate of degradation of organic wastes, leading to formation of nutrient rich compost

Direction of use
Manual composting

      a)Arrange the kitchen/ garden waste in a layer and sprinkle a spoonfull of soilmate on the waste(Such that all of it is covered).
      b)Add cocopeat / dry leaves as and when required to control the moisture level in the waste (high moisture levels can lead to ineffective degradation and generation of foul odour)
      c)Repeat thisdaily. Once the bin is full, leave it aside for 15- 20 days. High quality compost is obtained at the end of the process

Notes for optimum process

      a) For faster decomposition, chop the waste material in to smaller pieces. This will speed up the composting process significantly.

    Powered with active carbon for odour elimination
    Enriched with herbs to keep flies and maggots at bay
    Highly economical – 1 g of product can treat 1 kg of waste
    Prevents growth of harmful germs

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