Price: ₹ 2,000.00 - ₹ 749.00
(as of Jan 20,2021 11:34:23 UTC – Details)

Power Module external for 3D Printer withstand high current, it is also called as MOSFET. A Power Module is a type of transistor where the voltage determines the conductivity of the device. Because they can be used to amplify voltages. A lot of 3D printers use MOSFETs to supply a high voltage to their heated beds and hot ends. By adding a MOSFET that is correctly rated and has a heatsink, there’s a much lower chance of anything overheating. The worst case scenario, catching fire.

Next, insert you heated bed or hot end wires into the terminals labeled “HOT BED” and you’re all set. We would also recommend you use crimp terminals for the end of the wire that goes to the MOSFET as its screw terminals are better suited to these connectors.

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