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Never thought about my own unexpected personal health experience of first time ever sever pain in my stomach during pandemic lock down. I was hospitalized and further shifted to ICU because of first time Jaundice occurred and raised suddenly and also identified Stone in my Gallbladder during 2020 year pandemic lock down. I was hospitilized for 20 days.

As I complete many marathons both in India and abroad, always feel I am absolutely healthy and fit. But life is unpredictable. Post treatment, Surgery went successfully from renowned hospital and my family remotely supported like they are sitting next to me, especially my both kids cared me with a great bond by sharing so many audio and video message. After discharged from hospital, reached to home with approval from authority. During pandemic, it’s strengthned to spend a good deal of time with my kids, recover my health, seeing their online classes, indoor games, my wife’s homemade yummy cooked food only considering my health diet. Great happy and strengthen relationships bonding by managing personal and professional life during this time with a Smile. My Doctor has advised me home care as there are 4 surgey stitches on my Abdomen and need some time to recover to avoid any complications or bleeding from stitches which further chance to spend more time in home and strengthened the relationship within family.

I have recovered now I am absolutely fit to run more marathons now with a Smile.

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