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Derma Face Mask SheetDerma Face Mask Sheet

Face Serum Cream Mask SheetFace Serum Cream Mask Sheet

Made By Pharmaceutical Experts

Key Ingredient TECAKey Ingredient TECA

Hero Ingredient TECA

TECA (titrated extract of Centella Asiatica) – Collected in Madagascar, the Centella extract infuses your skin with a beautiful glow; instantly revitalizing dull skin on the first application. Daily use will support the skin barrier, reduce inflammation, lessen redness, and promote the development of new cell growth.

The 180 days process to the perfect facial serum:

1. Harvesting of wild Centella Asiatica in clean regions and drying2. A meticulous quality control certification test3. An extensive 7-step extraction process by Dongkook Pharmaceuticals

The potent TECA technology helps soothe, nourish and instantly renew the look of dull skin. The skin-saving plant extract fights environmental factors and locks a powerful infusion of moisture into stressed out skin. Daily application will improve skin texture, reduce redness, and help rebuild the skin barrier for a strong and flawless complexion.

Highlighted Ingredients

Highlighted Ingredients

Mask Texture

Mask Texture

Perfect pair product

Perfect pair product

Highlighted Ingredients

Adenosine: Skin firming and lifting

Caffeine: Tightens and Brightens Skin

White Asparagus: Purifying Antioxidant

Allantoin: Moisturizes and Recovers Skin

L-fucose: Protects and Soothes

Red-algae: Firming and Hydration

Highly Concentrated Cream Essence Mask Sheet

A highly concentrated cream essence mask sheet: Encourages skin to feel more hydrated, nourished, and renewed. It reduces the appearance of redness and wrinkles. Your skin is left firm and plump, with a luminous glow.

Perfect Pair Products

After cleansing your face (or after using toner), apply our Revitalizing serum, then mask and cream at the last step of your skin care routine.

Usage Scenarios

Usage Scenarios

Usage Scenarios

Usage Scenarios

Usage Scenarios

Usage Scenarios

Face mask sheet for a party event

When you want to hydrate and brighten your skin for a party event.

Every Day Cotton Mask

To remove impurities after a long flight or awaken skin after no sleep

Perfect for regular use

The professional beauty skincare choice for your skin.

For purifying, plump and good-looking skin

For All Skin Types

The Madeca derma face mask sheet saturates normal, dry, sensitive, combination, and oily skin with hydration and moisture to reveal a more youthful vitality.

Clinically Proven

Our mask uses energizing ingredients, proven to soothe skin damage caused by UV and reset the look of damaged, scarred skin. Expect long-lasting moisture, our mask keeps it soaked in your skin.

It penetrates deep to remove dead skin cells, improving rough texture and density. It calms the appearance of wrinkles, freckles, and pigmentation to leave the skin healthy and refreshed.

Suggested Usage:

Unfold and place onto clean skin, starting from the eyes, nose and mouth area. Remove after 10-20 minutes and massage excess into skin for ultimate hydration.

What it is good for

A sheet mask for juicy, glowy, bright skin fast.

A rescue serum to visible firm, hydrate and brighten skin.

A multi-faced cream to gently repair dry, sensitive skin and help sooth irritations.

Key Ingredients

TECA(Titratedextractofcentellaasiatica), Adenosine, White asparagus, Allantoin, l-fucose

TECA(Titratedextractofcentellaasiatica), Marine collagen, Triple layer of hyaluronic acid, Collagen

TECA(Titratedextractofcentellaasiatica), Alkanin complex, Collagen, Elastin, Hyaluronic acid, Panthenol, Niacinamide

Recommend for

For purifying, plump and healthy-looking skin; For preparing the skin for a party event; For doubly essential the morning after, when your skin hates you; For sensational after a long flight, or no sleep.

For dull-looking and dehydrated skin; For sensitive and irritated skin; For nourishing and hydrating cream lovers; For glossy and shiny skin lovers.

For dull-looking and dehydrated skin; For sensitive and irritated skin; For nourishing and hydrating cream lovers; For glossy and shiny skin lovers.

PROVEN SKIN-RENEWAL INGREDIENTS: Our hero ingredient – Centella Asiatica, has incredible skin-soothing, hydrating, and potent antioxidant properties. It helps revitalize the skin’s protective barrier to tighten and brighten your skin. Niacinamide helps minimize redness, pores, and gives protection from sun damage. Adenosine and red-algae aids in firming and lifting.
SOOTHING FACIAL MASK: Soothe and nourish your skin with a highly concentrated cream essence sheet mask. The skin appears visibly smooth, firm, and deeply hydrated with our unique regenerating formula.
PERFECT FOR ALL SKIN TYPES: Normal, dry, damaged, sensitive, or a combination type, our beauty face mask is safe and gentle for everyone. Anyone can use it regularly to reverse environmental factors and help achieve a soft, bouncy, wrinkle-free complexion (and a ton of confidence)
EASY TO APPLY: Our 100% pure cotton sheet mask fits perfectly on your skin. Our safety standards are unmatched. You can feel confident knowing there will be no irritation on your new, beautiful revitalized skin.

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