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SYLLABUS- BUSINESS COMMUNICATION, UNIT I: Introducing Business Communication: Basic forms of communicating Comm-
unication models and processes; Effective communication; Theories of communication;
Audience analysis.
UNIT II: Self-Development and Communication: Development of positive personal
attitudes; SWOT analysis; Vote’s model of interdependence; Whole communication.
UNIT III: Corporate Communication: Formal and informal communication networks;
Grapevine; Miscommunication (Barriers); Improving communication. Practices «in
business communication; Group discussions; Mock interviews; Seminars; Effective
listening exercises; Individual and group presentations and reports writing.
UNIT IV: Principles of Effective Communication
UNIT V: Writing Skills: Planning business messages; Rewriting and editing; The first
draft; Reconstructing the final draft; Business letters and memo formats; Appearance
request letters; Good news and bad news letters; Persuasive letters; Sales letters;
Collection letters; Office memorandum.
UNIT VI: Report Writing : Introduction to a proposal, short report and formal report,
report preparation. Oral Presentation: Principles of oral presentation, factors affecting
presentation, sales presentation, training presentation, conducting surveys, speeches to
motivate, effective presentation skills.
UNIT VII: Non-Verbal Aspects of Communicating. Body language: Kinesics, Proxemics,
Para language. Effective listening: Principles of effective listening; Factors affecting
listening exercises; Oral, written, and video sessions. Interviewing Skills: Appearing in
interviews; Conducting interviews; Writing resume and letter of application.
Modern Forms of Communicating : Fax; E-mail; Video conferencing; etc. International
Communication: Cultural sensitiveness and cultural context; Writing and presenting in
international situations; Inter-cultural factors in interactions; Adapting to global

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