Price: ₹ 999.00 - ₹ 399.00
(as of Jan 14,2021 07:12:17 UTC – Details)

Simple, safe solution to kill mosquitos in any room – including a child’s bedroom or nursery. manufactured from ABS harmful fumes, smoke, heat or high voltages. insect trap is easy to remove and clean.this hygienic,mosquito killer lampattracts and kills mosquitos without the use of smoke, harmful chemicals or dangerous high-voltage equipment.Unlike other similar units, our lamp uses 6 environmentally friendly, low-voltage led’s to attract flying mosquitos.For maximum attraction, the led’s also cause a harmless catalytic compound to release a tiny quantity of natural carbon dioxide into the air.The double attraction of bright light and carbon dioxide draws themosquitos towards the lamp. Once inside, they are killed by a high-speed fan as it draws them down into a trap in the base of the unit.the trap is easily removed for hygienic cleaning with soap and water.With no fumes, smoke, heat or high voltages, this is a safe and effective way to deal with mosquitos in your home.With an ultra-low power consumption of around 2.5 watts our led mosquito killer lamp is to run and great for the environment.The cute, blue mushroom styling looks great in any room input voltage: ac 220v 50hz, power rating : 6w

Strong suction, when the mosquito is close to the lamp, it will be sucked into the bottom by a strong vortex, killing mosquitoes in inhale style.
Switch off other room lights for better result
The mosquito killer lamp can release the light wave of 365 Nm in length, specially designed for attracting mosquitoes.
plug into 3 amp usb plug (otherwise it may not work)

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