Price: ₹ 1,500.00 - ₹ 900.00
(as of Sep 23,2020 16:14:23 UTC – Details)

The full stitched mosquito net which avoids all the diseases and all harmful insects biting This mosquito net consist of corner plates which not only support net but also make strength while u put bottom border into Bed Top and bottom border is stitch with fine cotton poplin for long-lasting support. with double stitching having more than 8 hooks which can made shape properly Easy To handle quick dry Strong net highly durable convenient handling Long lasting finest quality polyester net zero % shrinkage available in many colors. A mosquito net offers protection against mosquito flies, and other insects, and thus against the diseases they may carry. Examples include malaria, dengue fever, yellow fever, and various forms of encephalitis, including the West Nile virus. To be effective the mesh of a mosquito net must be fine enough to exclude such insects without impeding visibility or the flow of air unacceptably. It is possible to increase the effectiveness of a mosquito net greatly by treating it with an appropriate insecticide or mosquito repellent. we have many satisfied buyer If you really believe in quality go for it

100% Cotton Border on base and on Top ,corner flaps which gives lasting durability.
Take bed size before order ,Place order according to your bed size.
Net Material: polyester with cotton borders top and bottom
Washing instructions: Only drip and dry, no brusing, no washing machine. Does not generate heat. The more you wash the more softer net will be

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