GreenLoop – All In One Fertilizer All in One Plant Food


Price: ₹ 350.00 - ₹ 330.00
(as of Jun 30,2020 16:57:49 UTC – Details)

GreenLoop All-In-One Plant Food is answer to all your questions about “what to use for home plants”. No need of any guesswork now. It contains specially formulated NPKS fertilizer – fortified with 7 essential micro-nutrients that work in practically any pH of soil. So, it gives the plants healthy growth. As it is mixed in water, the fertilizer gets uniformly distributed in the soil – which is best for roots. These are one time use sachets, for easy & mess free use. No need to depend on anyone to guide you about what to use for which plant, as it serves all types of outdoor balcony / garden plants. Just add one sachet in 6 liter water, and pour it on soil of 6 big plants or 12 small plants. To measure 6 litre, take a 1 liter water bottle, or a normal sized bathroom mug. Each sachet has 20 gm all-in-one plant fertilizer, that contains best-in-class ingredients. Takes just 5 minutes, and its done. Very convenient for home use. Please do not use more than twice a month. If in doubt, use less fertilizer. After first 2-3 months, you can reduce usage to just once a month. Contains N, P, K, S, NH4, B, Zn, Cu, Cl, Na, Mo, Mn, Fe. Does NOT contain any pesticide or insecticide. Gives faster results compared to “slow release” fertilizers.

Uniform distribution of fertilizer in plant root zone, because its used by mixing in water. Each sachet sufficient for 6 big or 12 small plants. Easy. Effective. Economical. Smart. Mess free. Popular.
Easy to use. Just add one sachet in 6 liter water, and pour it on soil. Use half litre solution for one small plant, and one litre solution for one normal sized plant. Use only twice a month. Do not use more frequently. EASILY MANAGE BY SELF. NO NEED TO CALL GARDENER.
Do normal watering of plants on other days. NOTICEABLE RESULTS ARE FAST – GENERALLY AFTER 3 WEEKS. PLEASE HAVE PATIENCE – RESULTS SURELY COME. Plants will grow up greener, with more flowering. Illustrated instructions provided in box. Keep bottom drain hole open, to prevent water logging. Roots need oxygen too.
10 sachets last 4 months, for 6 big or 12 small plants. Manage your plants easily and effectively. Sachets have long shelf life of one year, so can be stored for later use. Use regularly for healthy plants.


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