Price: ₹ 300.00 - ₹ 265.00
(as of Sep 23,2020 16:13:40 UTC – Details)

Green Roots Organic Soil Mix is a unique mixture of a well -balanced organic fertilisers & insecticide i.e. cocopeat, vermicompost and neem granules for protecting and nurturing your plants. It is rich in all essential plant nutrients which provide a perfect and healthy medium, needed for optimum plant growth. It is an odorless, clean, organic material containing adequate quantities of N, P, K and several micronutrients essential for plant growth. It acts as an excellent soil medium and can completely replace mud or can be mixed with existing mud.

It Contains Vermicompost Which Improves The Health And Overall Growth Of The Plant And The Quality Of The Soil And Encourages The Growth Of New Shoots/Leaves And Leaf Pigmentation Ensuring More Bright Coloured Flowers & Leaves.
It Contains Neem Granules Which Has Antifungal Properties And Performs The Dual Function Of Both Fertilizer As Well As Insecticide. It Protects The Plant From Nematodes, Soil Grubs And White Ants.

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