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Product Description

dance matdance mat

Somatosensory interactive game

2.4G wireless somatosensory handle, fast transmission in all directions without dead ends, high sensitivity, better gaming experience


Upgrade fun running game

Running fitness is more interesting than the gym. It is a treadmill and a dancing mat.

dance modesdance modes

Two dancing modes

Live-action MV dancing mode: diversified dance music elements, including European, American, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese MV types. Each piece of music has a unique dance rhythm.

Anime dancing mode: the best dancing mode choice for people who like the two-dimensional circle and children, there are multiple 3D anime characters to lead the dance


Due to weather or other environmental reasons, outdoor sports are not safe, so we moved the sports field back indoors to allow you to perform a variety of interesting sports. Dancing mats not only allow you to exercise, burn fat, but also improve body coordination


1. Interface: HDMIS

2. Size: 36.6″ x65.4″ T

3. Thickness: 15mm / 0.6 inch

Fully equipped, easy to install and use


HDMI output interface

Ultra-clear image quality, more eye protection

The bright 7-color strobe light flashes in various colors, creating a gorgeous visual effect.

►Package includes

1 x dancing mat

1 x disco ball host

2 x gamepad

1 x TF card

1 x HDMI cable

1 x USB cable

1 x manual


1. Dance mat and wireless controller need 6 AAA batteries, but the package does not include batteries, you need to buy them yourself

2. HDMI interface, support 4K HD, suitable for TV and PC (except Mac OS, Win10, tablets and mobile phones).

3. If you want to be more familiar with the playing method of the dancing mat, you can read the product manual carefully





dace mat

dace mat

dance mat

dance mat

Designed for comfort during extended gaming sessions, this wireless controller features curve slider design, motion controls, advanced gaming buttons, and standard ergonomic layout.

The games console designed to work a camera device and several somatosensory gaming. The utility model is composed of a disco ball and a magnet cover disk.

With non-slip design, comfortable feet, and provide extra cushioning, which can protect the knees during exercise, in addition to shock absorption and sound insulation, it will not disturb neighbors

These Dance Mats are non-toxic and 6 phosphate free. The mat may have a harmless odor when unwrapped which will diminish after a short time.









Strong, elastic, Multi-layer, non-slip anti-static Mat. Provides comfort and support for games and exercise.

Tired of heavy, awkward, difficult to move and store treadmills? The Mat is lightweight; It folds and unfolds easily, and is small enough to store under a couch.

Exercises done on the Mat combine muscle toning with massage. Lose inches from your waist and excess fat! Strengthen back muscles, relieve lumbar stress. Enjoy the relaxation of a fit body!

The Mat uses multiple material layers to aid traction, reduce noise and impact shock. Be sure to have adequate room around the Mat when in use.

♫【2 PLAY MODES DANCE MAT】Two interesting dance challenge modes.MTV and cartoon modes can respectively meet the entertainment needs of your family.The MTV mode contains 28 global hit songs and The cartoon 3D mode contains 27 popular songs.There are a total of 55 songs to choose from, which can meet the needs of different groups of people. A perfect present for your children’s birthday or various festivals.
♫[HD SMART CAMERA HOST&DISCO BALL LAMP]56 retro classic games can be chosen to make you feel the joy of childhood again.HD camera integrated design, six popular camera games for you to choose. Let you interact with the game immersively.Unique UFO host design, DISCO ball lamp can increase the atmosphere of family gatherings and parties.
♫[EASY to USE&HIGH QUALITY]Equipment installation only needs to use HDMI to link the host and TV, USB cable is connected to the host and the power supply.Turn on the power button of the host, the red light turns on, and then turn on the power button of the dance mat, and you can start using it.
♫[EXERCISE MAT & GREAT GIFT]Whether you are an elderly or a child, you can dance to dance music, exercise your physical coordination with the changes in music, and strengthen your physical fitness. In addition, dancing mats are the perfect gift for various festivals or birthdays of relatives and friends.
♫[FUN SOMATOSENORY SPORTS] It is not only a dancing mat, but also a treadmill. The dance mat includes three running games. You can play fun running games at home. Dance mat include 36 kinds of casual sports games, such as basketball, tennis and so on. You can simulate various interesting sports and burn calories at home. This is very useful for office workers, housewives, students and less active young people.

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