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2in1 Educational Game is an important educational game which combines with the matching letter and arithmetic for preschoolers ages 3 and up. It will be fun for parents and children to play together. On the one hand, it allows players to match pictures to the word, teaching children to recognize objects, learn letters and correct spelling. On the other hand, it combines quantity with arithmetic, teaching children to count and calculate. This game will develop word recognition, arithmetic, hand-eye coordination, strategical thinking, sociability, concentration and increase memory. 2in1 Educational Game is not limited to single players, but also for 2 or more players, which is very suitable for parents and children to play together.
Package Included:

  • 1* Matching Tray
  • 32* Cards (64 words & math questions)
  • 10* Letter Cubes (A-Z)
  • 20* Number Blocks

    5* Mathematical Symbol Blocks


  • 1.Stack the cards and let kids find the corresponding letter and numbers in cubes.
  • 2.Covering the word and math answer, then let kids find the corresponding answer.
  • 3.Create the new pictures, words and arithmetic problems by using tools such as phone.

    According to play this matching games with your kids, let them to build the ability of Object and word recognition, Letter recognition and matching, Spelling, Sorting and grouping, Concentration and memory, Arithmetic(addition, subtraction, multiplication and division), Taking turns and sharing.

    Matching games for kids learning : This box is more special than other ordinary learning game boxes. It not only includes patterns and letters, word recognition, spelling, and word construction with vivid cards (cards include animals, fruits, colors, body , Vehicles, daily necessities, planets); there are also arithmetic cubes, allowing them to count the number of patterns on the right side of the card.
    Life brings a lot of fun: your child can live alone and share this game box with friends, cover the words with the flip of the box, the person who spells correctly keeps a card, and the one with the most reserved wins. This may keep the children busy for several hours during the educational time. But it can improve memory in a short time.
    Kids toys board and toddler games: This game box is very suitable for preschoolers. They can start spelling, match letters, simple arithmetic, and get answers, and can help them improve memory, strategic thinking, social skills, spelling learning game and improve word recognition skills. For subsequent enrollment, other students can be given priority in thinking.
    Best gift toy for children under 10: A card with colorful images and text establishes a connection between the object and its name, and the mathematical formula is also on the right side of the card. Very interesting and useful for children aged 3-7. If you want to choose birthday or Christmas gifts for your children, this would be a great gift.
    Package content: matching tray, 32 cards (double-sided printing cards), 10 letter blocks, 20 number blocks, and 5 mathematical symbol blocks. Card: 64 words (18 3-letter words and 24 4-letter words and 22 5-letter words) 64 arithmetic problems, including addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

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