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(as of Sep 26,2020 16:11:13 UTC – Details)

Epica EP-10220 Hole Saw Kit of 8 Pieces of 19mm – 64mm Diameter Cup Saw, 2 x Spindle, Hex Key, Installation Plate and 1 x Box Suitable for Electric Drill

With carbon steel and heat treatment, the Epica EP-10220 hole saw kit is suitable for the most common sizes of ordinary wood, thin PVC and plastic panels, which is high precision, portable and safe.

Dimensions 19mm (3/4 “), 22mm (7/8”), 28mm (1-1 / 8 “), 32mm (1-1 / 4”), 38mm (1-1 / 2 “), 44mm (1 -3/4 “), 51mm (2”), 64mm (2-1 / 2 “)

-High precision, smooth cutting edges, especially impact resistance, wear resistance, cutting depth 25 mm
-This Hole Saw Kit features hole saws with enhanced tooth geometry to cut faster than previous hole saws.
-These hole saws feature thicker walls to minimize tooth loss and improve durability.
-These Hole Saws have wide slots placed low on each hole saw and multiple leverage points to make it easy to work plugs out with a screwdriver.
-This design effectively removes sawdust and chips and helps prevent plugs from becoming stuck in each
-Suitable for cutting wood, thin alloys, plastic

Package Included
8 x Drill bits-19mm-64mm Metal Alloys Wood drill set
1 x Mandrel
1 x Drive plate
1 x 2.5mm Allen key

1. Please wear protective glasses and gloves when drilling
2. After use, please apply anti-rust oil to the surface of the filter to avoid natural oxidation.
3. Not recommended to drill holes in plates, such as density boards, tables in aluminum, stone and computer

▲ MULTIPURPOSE PRACTICAL – Suitable for soft wood, PVC cardboard, plastic plate, NOT suitable for metal, hardwood (density panels, particle board and computer tables). And the maximum cutting depth: 25 mm
▲ HOW TO USE – You can pierce the holes 90 ° after fixing the drill pilot center on material. Place the installation plate between the blade and the nut, and then tighten the screw and nut. Insert the installation plate correctly to avoid damaging the blade
▲ ECONOMIC AND PORTABLE – The plastic box can help you keep all the accessories in order. There are a plastic box, 2 spindles attached drill bits, 2.5mm hex key, installation plate, 8 hole saws
▲ MULTI DIMENSIONS -There are 8 hole saws covering almost all sizes on the market: 19mm (3/4 “), 22mm (7/8”), 28mm (1-1 / 8 “), 32mm (1-1 / 4 “), 38mm (1-1 / 2”), 44mm (1-3 / 4 “), 51mm (2”), 64mm (2-1 / 2 “)

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