Price: ₹ 479.00
(as of Jan 14,2021 00:17:44 UTC – Details)

Made for occasional and/or beginner badminton players looking for a sturdy and powerful racket at an affordable price.This badminton racket is perfect for learning badminton as it is sturdy and has a large hitting surface that reduces centring errors. A low-cost introduction to badminton!Ideal for beginners and intermediate-level players, the aluminium frame of the racquet makes it lightweight and convenient to play with. The low-torsion steel shaft makes it strong. Since it weighs only 96 g, you can play for a longer duration without feeling exhausted.As this badminton racquet has a durable body, you can play with it for a long time. Due to its aluminium frame, this racquet is wear- and tear-resistant. The easy-to-grip handle makes it convenient to play with even when you’re sweating.

Strings and Grips of the racquet go through regular wear and tear hence periodic change is required to maintain racquet performance
Ideal for beginners and intermediate level players
The aluminium head and steel shaft make the racket very sturdy.
This head-heavy racket offers excellent power.
This head-heavy racket offers excellent power.
The oval shape provides smaller sweet spot and higher accuracy in your shots

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