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Product Description



Brand: Double R Bags

Product Type: Grocery Shopping Bag

Material: Laminated Jute

Perfect size Bags for Milk, Grocery, Vegetable with Reinforced Handles

You can use for daily use as its long lasting bag with enough space to carry all grocery, vegetables, milk and etc.Large and Medium size for family size trips to grocery store, great for bulky items since our bags fit up of milk bags when shopping for groceries.Light weight but spacious enough to accommodate your long shopping list, each handles & stitches are made with extra care to make the product more sturdy & durable. Made in India Product.Durable – made from laminated Jute material, with handles being easily washable and made to last long.Qualities: High capacity carry bag for multipurpose use for our daily life use. Laminated Jute Material with Bartec stitches done on all top corners by professional machines.Convenient – bags stand upright and stay open while you pack and unpack groceries, comes with convenient hanging loop for shopping and grocery store checkout lines – Good for hanging outside for milk bag. making these the perfect bags for groceries and shopping.


Big Size Bag

Bags are made up of jute while the fabric is spun as very smooth and soft.

The size of the bag are large that helps to carry all the veggie or groceries very easy.







4 Multi-Compartmental Bags – Grip of the Bag

Bags consists segments to keep the vegetables Separated ,because of this segments things keep in the bags are not mess up with each other. Bags are basically designed for long term reuses and it is also helps to cut the extra paying money for bags which are taken by the shopkeeper

Specialized Stitching machine used

bartec Stitching is done on the all four corners of the bags, as the problem occurs on the top corners of the bags and we have just used Bartec stitching as its seals the corners forever

Make In India

Proudly Made In India

Ideal for Shopping, Grocery/Vegetables, beach bag, swimming bag or general purpose bag. Easy to Wash and Clean.
Multiple six pockets inside the bag are designed for storing different shopping items.
Due to excellent durability, this bag will last many years and hence contributes to the sustainability of the environment.
The main features are – Shoulder Handle with high qulity stitching for better support and durability , special bartec stitching on the top corners , and special pattern stitching on the handles.

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