Price: ₹ 450.00 - ₹ 365.00
(as of Jan 20,2021 10:15:14 UTC – Details)

Algaetech 10 seaweed extract is a highly pure organic fertilizer extracted from Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed, highest selling on the world market. Algaetech10 seaweed extract exhibits very high antioxidant potential to enhance the following: (1)Crop yield (2)Marketable grade (3)Root growth (4)Soil bacteria counts (5)High oxidation potential This seaweed extract has a dual affect within the root zone, giving rise to significant increases in root growth while also influencing the dynamics of root colonizing bacteria. In particular, stimulate rooting and give rises to increased root numbers. It contains exceptionally high levels of natural antioxidants, greatly exceeding levels found in green tea and ascorbic acid. Thus, Algaetech10 seaweed extract represents a unique and economical source of natural antioxidants. It is best natural organic manure for 1)flowering plants : Rose, orchid, jasmine, lotus, bougainvillea, etc. 2) Vegetable crops : Tomato, lemon, chills, onion, potato, etc. 3) Agricultural crops : Cotton, rice, white, corn, soybean, etc. 4) Fruit plant : strawberry, banana, guava, mango, etc. 5)Potted plants : Money plants, Bonsai Plants, tulsi, etc. It contains naturally available 16 Macro and micronutrients for home plants, vegetable plants, flower plants : Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, sulfur, boron, magnesium, iron, zinc, calcium, etc. It improves resistance against pest and disease and helps to prevent flowers fruits dropping Usages: Because of its liquid fertilizer, it can be use for both home and field. Two method are generally used for application 1) Foliage application: It can spray throughly on whole flower plant or vegetable plant, it helps to improve the stress against heat, drought, salinity, pest and disease. 2) Drenching application : It can be use through the soil application.

Plant Establishment : Plants are often exposed to harsh growing conditions during early root development. Use Algaetech10 to:(i) Create bigger, stronger plant root systems that Improve the plant’s ability to absorb nutrients (ii)Increase capacity to store carbohydrates that are used to fuel plant growth and development (iii) enhance the formation of plant root nodules, which store beneficial bacteria that convert nitrogen into a format the plant can use
Soil Health : Application of Algaetech10 can improve soil health, soil fertility, benificial to soil microbes and improves soil moisture retention
Nutrient Uptake : Algaetech10 helps root uptake and absorption of the following plant essential nutrients: Ca, Mn, Mg, Zn, Fe, B and Cu
DOSAGE: Foliar Application 3-5 ML / Liter of water (Once in 15 days) Drenching application : 3 Liter / Acre (Once in 30 Days)

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